We create positive opportunities where young people can tell a different story with their lives.

For too long, broken relationships, strife, disappointment, drug and alcohol abuse have been too powerful a voice in the estate of Bemerton Heath, Salisbury. Crushing the life and hopes in young people.

In the words of young people from our community.

  • “What’s the point, I’m not going to pass anyway”
  • “I find it hard to trust as so many people have let me down in the past.”
  • “How can I believe in a good God after all the things I’ve been through?”
  • “There is no point improving stuff, as everyone will just wreck it anyway”
  • “Conflict is the only way, it’s all I know. I saw my dad throw his dad through a window when we were kids.”

We believe there is different story to tell.

One of hope. Where motivations are uncovered and given the opportunity to flourish. Where the passions, skills and courage young people possess are a force for good in our community. Where positive choices are celebrated, and God is known as a powerful, loving father who is for them.

It won’t be easy but we are committed to giving young people the opportunity to tell this story with their lives. Raising up a generation who will help others succeed in the years to come.

Our Values

We believe in young people – we see the good in young people and speak of the potential of who they can be. Inspiring them to be and do better.

We are passionate – we share our passions to help young people discover and develop theirs.

We empower – we provide opportunities for young people to shape and direct their lives for the better, equipping them with the skills and knowledge they need to do it.

We shout about success – we celebrate the positive steps young people make, inspiring others to follow their example.

We are responsive – we listen to young people and allow them to shape what we do.

We follow Jesus – He inspires us to do what we do and we seek to represent Him well. Knowing that He has the power to change lives.

We don’t have all the answers – we are a catalyst for change. Believing that the future of this community lies within the people who live here.

Our story

It was working, playing and living alongside young people in Bemerton Heath for over 10 years that inspired us to set up Rise:61.

Despite being one of the most deprived wards in Wiltshire, Bemerton Heath has an amazing community spirit. We fell in love with the place and started to dream of what it could be.

Our dream is to see it become a creative hub where young people grow and flourish. A place that is a blessing to the city of Salisbury.

We believe in Bemerton Heath and are proud to call it – home.