Meet Elise

Elise comes to our Life Group, a weekly session where we talk about God and share food together…

Why do you come to Life Group?

Because I want to learn about God and have people to look up to, like you.


What do you learn in Life Group?

That God’s power is limitless; we learnt that in the first week. That God can heal people and loves us. I also really enjoy the food, it’s tasty. The activities are great and I love the reading too!


What is your dream in the future?

My dream is to go to South Wilts Grammar School. Then go to college and hopefully university to do something in science, I really like chemistry and would like to make medicines for people, using good ways like plants and not animals as I don’t want to hurt them.


Do you think there is anything that holds you back?

I get distracted at times, my class can be quite hectic and harder to focus in.


What do you think about Bemerton Heath?

Yes it’s nice, I like it, all my friends are here.


What do you like doing out of school?

I like to look after my brother, my mum is really proud of me because I set a really good example for him. He already knows how to ride a bike and he is really young.

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