Luke’s Story

Meet Luke and his bike fixing skills…

How long have you been going to bike hub?

About quite some time, maybe a year or so. I found out about it when Robin came to our school and said it to us. 

Why did you want to get involved?

Lot of fun and gives you a good experience with bikes and how to look after them.


What have you learnt?

I’ve learned how to take a bike apart, how to make it, how to change it, oil it and clean it. We mend bikes. We fix bikes that are broken and sell them to keep the bike hub going.


Have you sold any bikes?

Yes, we’ve sold nine so far. So it’s not bad.


Have you been on any bike rides?

Yeah, I’ve been on their mountain bike rides, using their bikes, as they have proper bikes which have been checked. In the Moors valley, it was really fun, there’s lots of tracks, and everything was really fun.


What’s the best bit of the bike hub?

Come here and learn how to take bikes apart, get the experience of how to do it, how to mend them, take them apart, so that’s a lot of fun.


Anything extra you would like to learn?

To get better at fixing things and repairing it. I wouldn’t change anything apart from making it bigger so that we can sell more bikes, would be easier if it was bigger.


How has bike hub helped you?

It’s helped me quite a bit, I’m normally stuck indoors, now I’m out and about on my bike, I got my bike from here, and I have a padlock so that I can cycle different places.

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