So, what are the key ingredients needed for young people to come alive as they change the world around them?

The chance for self-discovery

How can you bring about change if you don’t know what you want to achieve? Doing different activities and exploring who you are, and what life is about helps to uncover this.

Positive, inspiring role models

People who see the good in others, who speak of the potential of who they can be and inspire them to be and do better.

The desire to bring about change

The motivation to have a go and take a risk. The belief that it might actually work, that they can achieve something, combined with the knowledge that it’s ok to make mistakes on the journey.

The opportunity to have a go

Raising hope, without the practical support, training and resources needed to make it happens just leads to more disappointment.

Meeting young people where they are at

Be it playing football in the compound or chatting to young people on the streets, we build positive relationships with young people, meeting them where they are at. Through this we begin to understand the real needs and passions young people have, from which we can provide tailored support or plug them into positive activities that are going on across the city.

Practical mentoring

From relationships built on the streets and through working with local schools we come alongside individuals or small groups to help them discover more about themselves and to support them to achieve something they can be proud of. To date we’ve supported young people to set up and run a Café, organise football tournaments, get a part time job, organise a Christmas event, run stalls at the teenage market, develop their skills in bike mechanics and explore and grow in the Christian faith.

Trips and activities

We provide fun opportunities for young people to broaden their horizons and explore the world around them. This has included mountain bike rides, trips to the beach, camping adventures and day trips to London and Bristol.