meeting young people where they are at

Rise:61 was founded in 2014 by a group of local residents who had spent the previous 5 years getting to know young people on the streets through detached youth work.  Just coming alongside young people and meeting them where they’re at to build relationships and trust is still the foundation off all we do. Through this work we begin to understand the real needs and passions young people have, which then informs all the other work we do.

We regularly go out onto the streets to walk around and get know to young people on their turf and provide advice and guidance where needed.  We make sure this is done in a professional way with the appropriate policies and risk assessments in place to protect the young people and our volunteers but also in a natural and non-threatening way that doesn’t create a divide between us and them. We find this to this to be one of the most rewarding areas of our work.

The impact

Read Rusty’s story and how taking the time to chat to him and plug him into activities helped him.
Read Rusty's story