Life Group

A knock at the door

The roots of this group start back even before Rise:61 was founded when a young person knocked on a local single mother’s home asking how to become a Christian. From this a group was formed where they shared food and explored faith, led by a single mum who gave generously from the little she had. This first young person is now a trustee of Rise:61 investing in the next generation.

Life group today retains that same heart, having a fun, family like atmosphere. We meet weekly to share food, play games and create a safe place to explore faith.

Expanding horizons

We run termly life group trips and an annual residential giving young people new experiences and creating positive memories.

The group gives back to their community in various ways too, including  painting community murals, helping at a foodbank and running community events.

“Thank you for helping us get through things we can’t get through ourselves”

I love Life Group because it has a big impact in my life and I can tell all my problems and not get judged

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering at Life Group. Creating a safe, fun space where young people can explore faith is a real team effort. Get in touch to find out how you can help: or 07392 055819.

Joe & Beth Deal

Life Group Leads, Rise:61