Community Garden

A peaceful community space

I remember this place before the garden was here, it’s changed so much. It is a really peaceful place to be and my friend and I like to play games under the gazebo.” Local young person

We manage a community garden at the heart of the estate on a site that was previously overgrown with brambles and used for fly-tipping. It came into being after a group of young people wanted to do something positive to remember their friend who at age 19, tragically took their own life on the site where the garden now stands.

Building the garden together

The garden has been built and improved upon over the years by a team of young people, volunteers, staff and local residents. We use this space to run regular activities and events as well as being a community asset for local residents all year round.

“The Bemerton garden has changed the atmosphere of Gainsborough Close and has markedly improved the feeling of community in the immediate area.  It has personally provided the opportunity for me to change my mental health and start integrating again.” Volunteer

“I bring my children to the garden often to teach them about the different plants and have picnics.  It’s a lovely place to meet with other families.  It also brightens the area with the lovely flowers.”

Local Mum

We would love to hear from you if you are interested in helping regularly to maintain and improve the community garden. Get in touch to find out how you can help: or 07471 234764.

Robin Imeson

Director, Rise:61