Creative Hub

Unleashing creative potential

Our creative hub supports young people to unearth and develop their creative talents. We run a creative club twice a week where young people can try out a range of creative techniques from painting and crafting to graphic drawing.

We run regular trips off the estate inspiring young people with new experiences and ideas. As a community we then use this energy to bring more creative life to our estate through murals, craft fairs and more.

Partnering with schools we also provide alternative education sessions for young people struggling in mainstream education, supporting them to achieve AQA awards in the process.

Strengthening mental health

Creativity has a huge part to play in supporting positive mental health. Therefore, we design our activities in a way that creates a safe place where young people can relax, make friends and process life’s challenges.

I never knew how relaxing this kinda stuff could be”

“I love this place because this is where I can talk about my things”

Volunteers are vital to our creative hub. Their ideas, passion and creativity make such a difference to  young people’s lives. We would love to hear from you if you are interested in volunteering. Contact: or  07774 500150.

Becks Crouch

Creative Hub Manger, Rise:61